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No Excuses Compounding (NEC) is a full service, state of the art performance enhancing laboratory specializing in formulating high quality individualized compounds. NEC was created to meet the increasing demand for certified high-quality, effective performance enhancing compounds. Our mission to the world of sports industry is to provide the best quality in our product by using the latest & greatest technology to create nothing but quality assured through analysis and certification for identification, purity, and potency. ARX is a valued member of IACP-lnternational Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, as well as PCCA and other industry affiliations. Our participation in these professional organizations provides us access to extensive research and development in all areas of pharmaceutical compounding.

We strive to be an innovator in advancing compounding achievements in the human body. We guarantee that all of our products are rigorously tested and then certified as safe by our team of chemical compounding experts, giving our customers the peace of mind and satisfaction that come with knowing that they are buying legitimate, high-quality products. We believe that a content customer is likely to be a repeat customer, and as such we will do our utmost best to ensure that you are happy with the service we provide you, from initial order to final delivery. We are dedicated to stand & provide customer service and support to our product to achieve your health and fitness goals through the use of high-quality gear compounds. We are here to serve & provide the best – No Excuses Compounding (NEC)



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