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What types of donations do you accept?2021-05-22T18:17:53-04:00

We currently accept donations in the form of bitcoin, MoneyGram or Western Union.

Reviews from customers? Alternate website?2021-12-13T22:59:32-05:00

Absolutely! Click the following link for our thread on Brotherhood of Pain with user reviews, shipment details, etc.

NoExcuses (

You can also use our referral link-

We get asked frequently if we are associated with eRoids and and yes we are.
.BZ is our sister site that operates via eRoids while we use as our main forum.


How can I buy bitcoins?2021-03-22T22:12:49-04:00 offers a simple tutorial to help you buy coins.

For sake of ease, we recommend using for creating your wallet. However, there are alternative sites and each have their benefits. We suggest doing additional research to see which platform works best for you.

The video below helps explain the process further.

Is there a minimum donation/order amount?2021-05-22T18:18:56-04:00

Yes, the minimum donation is $50 per order.

How much does it cost to ship?2021-03-22T22:12:59-04:00

There is a flat $20 shipping fee for all orders.

Where can you ship to?2021-03-22T22:13:01-04:00

We ship U.S. domestic only. P.O. boxes are accepted, but we do not ship to APO or international addresses.

How long does shipping usually take?2021-03-22T22:12:42-04:00

We ship all orders via USPS within 48 hours once the donation is processed. You’ll be given a tracking number to view the status of your shipment. Please check your spam folder to make sure you’ve received our email.

I donated with Bitcoin but haven’t received a confirmation email.2021-05-22T18:16:36-04:00

Send an email to us at [email protected]! Sometimes our BTC merchant fails an order even if the amount is off by a small amount. We’ll correct the issue immediately.


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